Homeless With A Record Deal: The Moments Of Luxury

Homeless With A record Deal is a gripping memoir, both provocative
& psychospeaking story of the struggle of kNERO Lapaé while being
homeless with his 3 children & wife.as he reflects on the challenges
he faced while being homeless with his 3 children, little brother and
wife. embracing love, loyalty, passion and understanding, identify the
core meaning of life.

He reveals how it was like to be homeless returning back to his
roots of being a barber while he and his family are living from hotel to
hotel, paycheck to paycheck, hustle to hustle. Nevertheless, still
possessing the drive and ambition to place a roof over his family’s head
while trying to pursue his dream of becoming an establish recording
artist. Alongside with respect, paitience and loyalty, He learned
communication is the key substance to a healthy marriage.

Knero’s passionate wife supported him while they both faced dissappointments.
Homeschooling their children at the same time hiding the harsh
realty they had to face.

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