Homeless With a Record Deal is a provocative and moving memoir by Knero Lapaé, telling the story of his struggle with being homeless with his three children, wife and her little brother. He reflects on the challenges he faced during this time and how it help him and his wife and children to embrace love, loyalty, passion and understanding while identifying the core meaning of life.

Knero reveals what it was like to be homeless and returning to his roots of being a barber while he and his family are living from hotel to hotel, paycheck to paycheck, hustle to hustle. Nevertheless, he still possessed the drive and ambition to keep a roof over his family’s head while pursuing his dream of becoming an established recording artist.

Along with respect, patience and loyalty, Knero learned communication is the key to a healthy marriage. His wife, supported him while they both faced disappointments. They continued homeschooling their children while hiding the harsh reality from them.




During the 21st century, the peak of the evolution for the music industry. In the mix of the 808 and beat breaks come forth kNERO Lapaé. A keen artist, multi dimensional music producer and songwriter who's passionate about his artistry and every portrait he paints with words.

The two times Liberian Music Awards nominated is not just an author. His plan is to bridge the gap by merging the African culture back to Hip hop, as he would say: "I'm the modern expression of Harriet Tubman and the Nate Turner movement in the form of music". Raised in Brooklyn New York, Born In West Africa, Liberia, the new hotbed with a perpetual passion and gift for music, one of which stands out from any other. His diversity has made quite a visible impact on his production opening many doors to different genres of music, so much so, some have listened to tracks and have not been able to classify him under any one specific genre. Creating a buzz overseas and via internet this avid artist has been independently releasing his own music as his credentials are built. He has had the privilege of working with a variety of individuals both known and up and coming. Releasing his single "Not Drunk Enuff" under Norwegian indie label CCAP featuring Norwegian artist Adele Erichsen, sharing a stage as an opening act for MC Lyte, Kool and the Gang, Dana Dane and Slick Rick for the Hip Hop of Pioneers performance. Released by Universal Records,kNERO dropped his single "King" feature Rikroot, brother of reggae artist Konshens. Now back to the world of independence he teamed up with Ghanaian singer Chaseforever for his hit "On Ur Mind". As kNERO prepares for the next level in his career, he continues with ambition and passion to put together music without being discouraged. Remembering his Liberian roots and holding up to his dream of returning to Liberia after he has reached success to constructively give back. He's preparing to release his first EP- "The Moments Of Luxury"- awarding his supporters with a breathe of fresh air. Lapaé had faced homelessness with his wife, three kids and their little brother. Which inspired him to write a memoir "Homeless With A Record Deal: The Moments Of Luxury". In conjunction to, kNERO has an actual vision; one of which allows him not to follow a trend but to set one. A vision that is preparing him for his future. With patience in one hand and a mic on the other, kNERO is an asset to the Hip hop culture.  


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